Temporary files cleanup in IBM Notes on Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.6

-Apple OS El Capitan 10.11.6 (but, I’ve seen this happening years ago)
-IBM Notes 10.0.1. (and prior versions)
-Within the Notes Data Folder, appears a bunch of files (.DTF, Documents – Word, Excel, PDF, etc)
-A belief that all these files are slowing down the startup of the Notes application
Note: I was also seeing all this on another computer with OS Mojave 10.14.5

Desired Outcome
-Clean up the temporary file and relocate any files (Documents – Word, etc) that should not be in there
-Document the actual procedure for editing an attached Document (eg Excel); save; and save it back to the Notes document. I think that’s a reason why there are Documents in the Notes Data Folder. As for the temporary files, maybe because when Notes has crashed in past, the files are not automatically cleaned up
-Note: My installation is still going to Library/Application Support/Lotus Notes Data. Newer installs would go to Library/Application Support/IBM Notes Data/

Troubleshooting Steps
NOTE: For proof-of-concept, I’m going to my use my Mac with OS EL Capitan and Notes 9.0.1
-Quit out of IBM Notes (in my case version 9.0.1.)
-Within Library/Application Support/Lotus Notes Data/ I’m seeing:
Files named: acxxxxxx.TMP (a bunch of them)
Note: None of them appear dated today or recent
-Select, and Move to Trash
-Kept Finder window open and ran Notes
Note: I’m not seeing any .TMP file created now that Notes is running
-Quit out of IBM Notes
-Now looking at Files name: IDBXXXXX.DTF — the X’s are all numbers
-Not seeing at files today or completely recent
-Select files ending in .DTF and move to trash
-Kept Finder window open and ran Notes
Note: Unless I’m imagining something, it does appear faster to load IBM Notes now
NOTE: Within Finder I’m seeing three .DTF files all time and date stamped right now
-Quit out of Notes; Noticed a delay before application completed shutting down
-Clicked again on IBM Notes, Quit IBM Notes, Quit
-Application now not responding — something didn’t like removing the .DTF files
-External Sametime app not quitting (not sure if related); force quit
NOTE: I remember the SameTime app also needed the Legacy Java 6 from Apple installed…
-IBM Notes not shutting down; force quit
NOTE: Still have those three .DTF files
-Started Notes again; now have an additional .DTF file
-Quit notes; noticed that the most recent .DTF went away, but still left with original 3
NOTE: What’s concerning is that the Replication and Sync menu is not displaying various Applications that I know I have local replicas of
-Quit out of Notes. Application is hanging again.
NOTE: Now I have an unstable installation of Notes 9.0.1. 64-Bit SHF993
-Force quit out of Notes
On this Mac I have Apple OS El Capitan 10.11.6
-Started Notes again
Was able to quit again, without running replication
-Started Notes again
Manually ran replication; OK, but still not seeing my local replicas in the pane
-Quit out of Notes, with replication – OK again – Notes appears stable
-Copied over the IF17 Interim Fix 17 for Notes to my computer
-Ran the IF17 installer on Mac; appeared to install OK
-Ran Notes; now Notes is not running at all
-Restarted computer
NOTE: Glad I did a proof-of-concept first on my Mac…
-IBM Notes now not opening at all
-Ran Notes in Island Mode — same thing. Didn’t open
-Deleted the most recent .DTF and started Notes; same issue
-Modified Notes Preferences; added: UseBasicNotes=1
THAT FREAKIN’ WORKED — notes loaded…; same issue with replication pane though
Note: Java on this machine is: JRE 8 Update 151
Notes 9.0.1 reinstallation
Decided to repeat what I did for another user, except I’m using Notes 9.0.1.
Note: Something occurred by deleting .DTF files; possibly related to Java versions
-Move IBM Notes.app to trash
-Ran the IBM Notes 9.0.1. 64-bit installer – the newest version (late 2018); OK
-Immediately ran the IBM Notes IF17 installer; OK
-Edit the Notes Preference files to remove the UseBasicNotes=1
-Ran Notes; interesting….
Note: Observation after first run of Notes:
-Originally, there were only two icons in Dock – Notes and Sametime
Note: Hover over the Notes Icon it displays “IBM Notes”
Note: Hover over the Sametime Icon it displays “Sametime”
-When I double-clicked on Notes in dock, the blip below the icon showed and then went away
-Then a third icon (Notes icon – identical icon to the first appeared)
-This third icon, when you hover over it says “Eclipse”; Logged in OK; Notes loaded
-Desktop painted OK
-Confirmed version 9.0.1. SHF1032
-What also interesting is that all my local replicas in replication pane are now showing
-Embedded Sametime loaded OK
Lessons Learned so far:
-Appears that deleting .TMP files maybe OK
-Appears that deleting .DTF files may not be advised
-Best conclusive fix for stable environment is: deleting Notes app; install again; IF17
-Still not 100% sure what’s occuring, but there definitely appears to be a conflict between Apple OS, Java/Eclipse, and IBM Notes. In general, ensuring the newest Interim Fix (Notes 9.0.1) or FixPack (Notes 10.0.1.) is strongly advised. I think there is a difference between JRE and Eclipse, but I’ve never found a clear answer.

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