Troubleshooting – External Sametime app and Java issue

Mac OS Mojave 10.14.5
IBM Notes 10.0.1 in Basic Mode (recent upgrade from 9.0.1. standard)
Java version JRE 8 version 191
Sametime App – external to IBM Notes client

Trying to resolve requisite Java for Sametime app to install and function

Troubleshooting steps
-Note: I’m not going to proceed further with this, as I got IBM Notes 10.0.1. FP2 to work in Standard mode and embedded Sametime works.
-I think the key with the legacy external Sametime Application for Mac is to ensure you have the Legacy Java 6 installed — that would have originally come from Apple. This was before Apple handed off Java to Oracle (or was it Sun beforehand?). Either way, Apple now points you to Oracle for Java.
-As of 20190803, IBM/HCL is strategically bundling Java JRE/Eclipse installers within their IBM Notes 10.0.1. installers (suggest also installing FP2). I believe this is a core fix. I also read a rumor that Oracle was planning on charging for Java JRE.

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