Troubleshooting – Mac OS Mojave, URL link opening application

Mac OS Mojave 10.14.5.
IBM Notes 10.0.1 for Mac 64-bit
Preferences, Locations, Web Browser, Safari,
Click on URL in email — opens a seemingly random application (not Safari)

Lessons Learned

-After a recent Apple OS Update (to 10.14.5), there was a conflict between Apple OS, Java/Eclipse, and IBM Notes 9.0.1. — NSD crashes.
-In order to create an interim stable environment, the trick was to add UseBasicNotes=1 within the Notes Preferences file. This is called being in Notes Basic Mode. This also tells me that there was an underlying conflict with Java JRE — we have 8 version 191.
-Issue with being in Basic Mode was that when I clicked on a URL in IBM Notes, instead of opening the configured, it was opening some other third party application – PersonalBrain. Not sure why this was happening, but the temporary answer was to uninstall PersonalBrain. Then, the URL links worked again.
-In order to get IBM Notes 9.0.1. for Mac to properly function, as of 20190803, the suggestion is to ensure you have IF17 (Interim Fix) installed
-In order to get IBM Notes 10.0.1. for Mac to properly function (which is what we currently had upgraded to), as of 20190803, the suggestion is to ensure you have FP2 (Fixpack 2) installed. Note: IBM Notes 10.0.1. with FP2 now includes the Java JRE, so you don’t need to have it pre-installed – I believe this is a crucial fix by IBM.
-After FP2 was installed, and the UseBasicNotes-1 was removed, PersonalBrain was installed
-Now everything works

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