Quicken 2020 synching issues resolved

20200411 Update: The fix appears to be: ensure the Wells Fargo Account name is exactly same in Quicken — also case sensitive (put in all caps). Also, I’m correlating an improvement by editing the account in Quicken to not automatically download transactions before reviewing.

Within Windows 10 (inside VirtualBox VM on Mac) I did the upgrade from Quicken 2017 to 2020.
Same issue as in the past with synching of accounts.
Spoke with Quicken rep who did a reset on Personal Checking.
Only difference I saw is that he had turned off auto-updates. That means, after synching, you have the option to review what was downloaded before actually placing within Quicken.
Based on that, I’m seeing consistent synching with Personal Checking, Savings, and Platinum Credit Card.
I turned off the the auto-download for Savings and Credit Card.
Business Checking and Savings doesn’t change much during the month, and there some issue with synching, but that may also be a communication issue inside Wells Fargo.
20200407 Update: For some reason, things are not sticking. The quick fix was: deactivating Checking; quitting out of app; resetting Checking to WebConnect; Quicken found all accounts; the missing transactions all came down. We’ll see if that holds.

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