Some changes to the BlogRoll

Was looking at some items that need to be removed/noted:
-bbPress Forum – I still have it installed, but going to remove it for now.
-David Allen (GTD) – Still going to link to this, as it’s useful for maintaining awareness with my practice of GTD
-Ojai OK Drill – I’m no longer in Ojai, and somewhat disconnected from the annual OK Drill. I believe they’re still doing this — 3rd Wednesday of September at 7PM. When I consolidated accounts in IONOS I preserved the domain name of My plan is to put some web development time into this in the future. Right now, it’s still pointing to a blogspot.
-Ojai Valley CERT had its domain name cancelled by me, so it’s technically now available for purchase. Figured it didn’t make sense paying for it anymore, as I left Ojai a while back.
-Senga Classic Stage Company is technically not active, but I’m maintaining it, as it reflects the effort and creativity that my mother put into the productions.

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CERT Coordinator, Ham Radio Operator, GTD Fan; Photographer; Domino/Notes Administrator
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