Upgrading WordPress Database size

Desired Outcome: Upgrade WordPress Database from 100MB to 1GB size
Upgrade Instruction: I’m following this – https://mor10.com/upgrading-wordpress-the-manual-way/
Issue: www.paulgarth.com is currently sized for 100MB and ideally it’s at 1GB
Current environment: Reviewed and confirmed it’s at 100MB (91 of 100MB available)
* Create a new database
* Copy data from old database
* Import data into new database
* Rewrite wp-config.php to recognize new database
Next Actions:
-Created a new database, which should be 1GB capacity
-Followed above instructions from Morton to export the data. Just had to make a couple checks. Now I have a file called db2010_perfora_net.sql
-Ran into an issue where when you import the data into the new database, it wants to use the old database name. I resolved by commenting it out about creating new database.
-After running again, I didn’t get the create database error, but did get:
SQL query:
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `wp_commentmeta`
MySQL said: #1046 – No database selected
Note: I don’t think anything copied because I’m not seeing any tables in the new database

Fixed the mySQL 1046 error with https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2708100/mysql-1046-error-when-importing-wordpress-database

Fix was to add the USE ;

Import has been successfully finished, 284 queries executed. (db2010_perfora_net.sql)

Now that I have a new database (1GB in size) and have imported the content, I have to reconfigure WordPress

I have currently WordPress 4.9.8

Went into FileZilla and edited wp-config.php
Changed the various pointers to the new database

Note: Morten talks about manually upgrading – I didn’t do that, and looks like it all worked.

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