FCC Ham Licensing in The Ojai Valley

I was part of an FCC Ham Radio Licensing today, in The Ojai Valley.  Good results with 16 of 18 passing their Technician Class license.

Was first time our group (OVARC — Ojai Valley Amateur Radio Club) had done the whole thing without assistance, which was encouraging.  Our VEC (Volunteer Examiner Coordinator) for today was from GLAARG (Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group).

I foresee transitioning our VEC to ARRL-VEC pretty soon, but no hurry.

What is more pressing is for several of us (me included) to ante up and get our final license class – Extra.  This will allow us to license Technician, General and Extra.  Right now, we’re limited to licensing Technicians.

I’m sure you’re finding the above really scintillating stuff.  The big deal is that our group, within one year, has licensed over 50 new Ham Radio Operators.  The Ham Radio Motto is, “When all else fails – Amateur Radio”.  By having this additional contingent of Radio Operators within the Ojai Valley, we can respond effectively to emergencies and disasters.  Check our ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League for more info.

73 de Paul (KI6USA)

Experience of Blogging, so far…

Without having a background in Web Development (HTML coding), I was intrigued to first create a blog with Blogger — http://www.paulgarth.blogspot.com.  The process was quite easy and fun to work with.  Most of my time has been spent posting to http://ojaivalleycert.blogspot.com for The Ojai Valley CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).

Now that I’ve secured http://ojaivalleycert.org, http://www.okdrill.org and http://www.paulgarth.com, it’s time to get serious.

I’m sure everybody thinks their first ISP is great, based on acclimating to their relative user interface.  My experience with 1and1.com has been really good, and I find it easy to create SQL databases, etc.

Working through the 5 minute installation of WordPress was literally that – 5 minutes.  The only initial customization is configuring the config.php file with your SQL database settings and making sure you upload the files to the correct directory.

I even installed a new theme.  Unless I change it, this one is called iNove.  As you can see, I’ve figured out how to create web-links so you can hover over web addresses and click on a link.

Of course, if you have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and so forth, you can customize where the templates and themes leave off.  For now, I’m sticking to getting some content written.  I will be dabbling with Web Development Programming as one of my projects.

Compilation of interests, thoughts and musings…